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Barka Shipyard

BARKA SHIPYARD is one of the group companies of BEGÜM YACHTING. Barka is located in Kıyı Marina at Büyükçekmece region of Istanbul/ Türkiye just a 40 minutes drive from Istanbul International Airport. Barka Shipyard was established in 2005 

As a modern and dynamic organization, we provide our customers with optimum quality and the highest level of service. From the initial concept drawings to final construction, sea trials, and delivery, our dedicated team of Designers, Naval Architects, Project Managers, and Engineers will be with you at every stage of construction to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our mission as a modern and dynamic organization is to achieve optimum quality with the highest level of service for our customers.

With a  42.000 square meter waterfront area, including 1,200 square meters shed with the most favourable standards for professional climatic painting.  We can carry out new builds, refits, and maintenance on all types of vessels up to 65 meters in length and 18 meters in width. Barka Shipyard has the capacity to build all types of wooden, steel, aluminum and fiber yachts to the highest specifications.

Barka Shipyard can launch and haul vessels up to 65 meters and 720 tons displacement. Working with international designers and engineers is an advantage for us because we have and use the latest technology to deliver yachts with the best excellence performance on time. We build our yachts in accordance with the regulations of world-renowned classification societies and have certifications from CE, LLOYDS REGISTER, RINA, ABS, MCA, BUREAU VERITAS, etc.

We transform your yacht into a high-profile new work of art.

*Our Refit Services & Facilities*

Whether you're considering a refit or just winter maintenance for your yacht, we would be delighted to discuss your options and requirements and explain in detail how we can assist you effectively and efficiently. Whether your yacht needs a major refit or just routine maintenance, our dedicated technical team will assist you with the utmost attention to ensure your complete satisfaction.


- Launching and Hauling
- Wooden Construction
- Carpentry
- Deck Replacement and Repair
- Furniture
- Teak Renewal & Repair
- Steel Processing for Construction
- Steel Processing for Renovation
- Chrome Work
- Sheet Metal Work
- Shaft Work and Propellers
- Main and Auxiliary Engines
- Piping Work
- Plumbing Work
- Screw Work
- Shrinkwrap Boat Cover
- Replacement and Repair of Covers
- Steering Work
- Ventilation Work
- Insulation Work
- Electrical and Electronic Work
- Air Conditioning Work
- Part Service
- Scrapping and Painting
- Sanding
- Sandblasting
- Antifouling
- Spray and Brush Painting & Repair
- Osmosis Services and Other Support Services
- Varnishing
- Stainless Steel Repolishing
- Washing Services
- Special port
The facility is established on a 42.000 m² dry docking area, including climate-controlled sheds, 1,200 m², 25 meters high, 22 meters wide, and 65 meters long. Shed has 9 ton overhead cranes accessible by a 720 tons travel lift and 375 tons boat mover.

"We look forward to welcoming you and providing the best service as always..."


Barka Shipyard