BEGÜM GROUP OF COMPANIES – New Website Has Been Launched.


BEGÜM GROUP OF COMPANIES – New Website Has Been Launched.









Message From the CEO

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to our valuable team and stakeholders, who work devotedly to achieve our goals that we have set together within the Begüm Group. Our first company Begüm Yachting was founded in 1994 and has through investment developed and transformed itself in many ways to establish strong relations with foreign business partners and have adopted a quality work ethic to meet the expectations of its customers without losing momentum to reach the point we are at today. We continue to work with enthusiasm as if it were our first day.

By investing in our yacht and ship agency, shipyard, provisioning, hotel management, automotive and foreign branches, we strive to guarantee our future. Undoubtedly, the creation of a qualified workforce and the rapid adoption of new technology has shown our determination and stance against difficulties as the basis of our success.

We adopt a customer satisfaction oriented approach and aim to be the preferred business partner. As Begüm Group, we continuously invest in the training of our employees in order to improve our commercial competencies and provide better service.

The main purpose of a company is to create value for humanity, its stakeholders and employees. By valuing civilization, culture, science and technology, we can bring them together as different components to create a successful future as a group of companies. It is with this mindset that we will continue to grow hand in hand with our employees and stakeholders.

Kind Regards,

CEO & Founder – Begüm Group of Companies

Begüm Group of Companies