Begüm Yachting Security & Protective Services


Entrepreneurs, investors and C- level corporate executives from different sectors, travel overseas as a group or individually to benefit from newly acquired professional contacts, gather intelligence about market potential or attend scheduled corporate meetings to further their professional plans and objectives.

Threats while you travel
When you think of threats while traveling, you probably think of major catastrophes, like fire, kidnappings, bombings, or terrorism. Although those mentioned are usually the ones considered first
from our experts, the biggest threats facing business travelers are not nearly as “exciting”. The top business traveler threats are actually pretty commonplace. Regardless, it’s important to be aware of areas of concern and how to avoid them:

  • Petty non-violent crimes (pickpocketing & petty robbery)
  • Loss / theft of travel documents
  • Theft of sensitive business information (corporate espionage)
  • Hotel room & travel car safety
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Cultural diversity issues
  • Medical emergencies

Our services
Our experienced security drivers and protection specialists provide their services anywhere and in any situation, leaving nothing to chance. Making use of on-line technological tools, super low- profile approach and a very wide network of partners we offer immediate solutions at any destination around TURKEY limiting your exposure to common roadblocks assigning security advisors by your side 24/7, without compromising your privacy, lifestyle or business etiquette.

“Invisible yet highly effective options like protective surveillance programs allow you keep going with no fear”

You may be looking to book a weekend getaway for two, a high-powered business meeting or a fullblown holiday with the family. Our security team pave the way to benefits that money can’t buy. From your transportation needs, to business travel arrangements and incredible holiday packages synchronized with modern low – profile protective services. Feel free to choose any destination around TURKEY and we can certainly promise moments of happiness and total relaxation.

Risk Assessment & Contingency planning
We live in a changing world and a threatening situation might escalate in a split of a second. Tour operators and travel agencies do great job as organizers but little can they do to incorporate security precautions in your travel packages. A risk assessment and contingency planning is always necessary to be made while travelling either to domestic or international destinations, even if you know nothing about the procedure.

Our services
Risk avoidance planning, secure transportation and 24/7 personal protection services during your holidays, at cultural events, charity evenings, gala balls, film premiers, fashion shows and exclusive parties are between the luxury services we offer, just to name a few. An experienced team of local & international security experts is your passport to top-class personalized services including but not limited to:

  • Personal protection programs
  • Private aviation & yachts security
  • Secure transportation & chauffeur services
  • Artwork & jewelry protection
  • Residential security

“We pave the way to make the world your home – your preference is all we need to know”