Yacht Management

All your yacht management needs provided in-house
Begüm Yachting has the most qualified and established yacht management team in the industry. We have over 25 years’ experience of managing motor and sailing yachts from 40-140m and over in length. Our extensive yachting expertise guarantees that your yacht and interests are in safe hands.

Personalised service from a dedicated yacht manager
Providing a direct link between you and our entire team, your personal yacht manager ensures all operational, technical and financial needs are handled with the utmost discretion. The safety of your yacht, guests and crew is our highest priority.

Our management team is comprised of highly qualified personnel who can offer support and advice to yacht owners and their captains to ensure that the yacht is being maintained, administered and operated to the highest standards.

When you choose Begüm Yachting as your yacht management company, your yacht is assigned to a dedicated team of highly qualified Yacht Managers who will act as the Owner’s representatives across the full spectrum of the yacht’s operations. Our close relationships with shipyards, designers, naval architects and other suppliers enable our team to keep up to date with the many types of vessel. We stay abreast of how to run them efficiently alongside the ever-changing technical, administrative and regulatory standards. You can be assured that our staff will work with you and your team to make sure that the yacht is operated safely and efficiently.

Our Yacht Services
Begüm Yachting offers a full range of superyacht management services capable of handling the full spectrum of large yacht operations, allowing us to individually tailor the specific support and services needed by the Owner. From financial reporting to the supervision of yard time, our team has the specific knowledge and experience to deliver the highest caliber support. Effective checks and balances, both operationally and financially, give the Owner peace of mind that the yacht and crew is operating safely and efficiently.

Yacht Accounting

Using a dedicated bank account for each yacht and working from an annual budget agreed with Captain and Owner, the Yacht Management team will handle the entire financial management of the yacht’s expenditures. The Yacht Manager will administer expenditures against specific categories, pay bills and reconcile bank statements and credit cards. Production of monthly, quarterly and annual reports will occur, comparing the actual operating costs to the budget with detailed explanations as appropriate where variances have occurred. The Yacht Management team will operate with the utmost integrity and ethics, assuring transparency in all aspects of the vessel accounting.

Safety Management

Begüm Yachting maintains an established Safety Management System (SMS), customized for each vessel according to the specific operations and arrangements on board. With expertise in the international codes and conventions for safety, security and maritime labour (ISM, ISPS & MLC), as well as the specific requirements of each Flag State, our team has developed one of the most effective Safety Management Systems in the industry.

Technical Management

In the technical and maintenance arena, the diverse backgrounds and practical experience of our staff provide a wealth of knowledge. Through visits to the yacht and working with the Captain in the selection and monitoring of vendors, contractors and shipyards, our staff will help to align maintenance and repair work with the budget and cruising itinerary. Begüm Yachting’s operations team will conduct a periodic review of vessel upkeep, planned maintenance schedules and other issues affecting safety and vessel operation, providing a written report of vessel status. Begum Yachting can also assist the Captain and Owner with yacht registration and classification.

New Build Management

On behalf of Owners / vessel management houses / brokers Begüm Yachting will oversee the new construction to help ensure an end product equal to or better than that initially anticipated which will satisfy the clients’ requirements and function efficiently for the crew.

Begüm Yachting can be involved in:

-Coordinating the design, either with an existing designer or one Begum Yachting can source for the client
-Specification outline, review and completion
-Yard tendering to ascertain suitability, quality and stability of the facilities selected
-Contract negotiation in conjunction with the clients legal team
-Project supervision with regular reporting to the client
-Stage payment review and approval on behalf of the client
-Classification and Flag state compliancy
-Dock and sea trials
-Handover to the client or crew
-Post handover assistance.

Refit Management

Begüm Yachting can assist the client or their Captain with refit and repair works in as much detail as required with:

-Scheduling refit to suit vessel schedule
-Reviewing work list
-Meeting with designers
-Planning project
-Yard and sub contractor selection
-Review of estimates and negotiations
-Financial review and approvals
-Project supervision and coordination
-Sea trials
-Post refit assistance

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Begüm Yachting will survey a vessel pre-purchase on behalf of the client to ascertain the vessels condition and suitability for the clients envisaged requirements.Begüm Yachting has experience in both the sailing and motor vessel sides of the yacht industry.

In general a survey will include, but not be restricted to:

-External hull condition
-Full deck condition survey
-Rigging and sails (where appropriate)
-Internal living area condition survey
-Layout to meet client needs and potential
-Internal hull survey
-Machinery and equipment
-Bridge & Navigation equipment
-Safety equipment
-Tender and toys
-Classification and Flag state compliancy (if required)
-Plus any specifics as per the clients request
-A survey is followed by a report on condition including pictures and relevant references

Insurance Assistance

Begüm Yachting takes a proactive approach to our relationship with the insurance providers for our yachts. We work closely with a number of insurance brokers and conduct regular reviews of hull and machinery and indemnity policies as well as crew health insurance.

Crew Administration

Begüm Yachting will assist owners and their Captains with recruitment, reference and certification checking and ensure medical certificates are valid. On recruitment of each crew member, we will check their certificates and documents to ensure validity and if requested we will carry out pre-employment verification. They will then be given an approved Employment Agreement. On an ongoing basis, Begum Yachting will administer crew salaries, make travel arrangements if required and handle any crew related insurance matters.

Crew Placement

A luxury yacht is nothing without an exceptionally skilled and experienced crew. Working closely with our sister company The Crew Network, the world’s leading crew agency with a wealth of experience in yachting, Begüm Yachting is uniquel