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Begüm Yachting offers an ideal solution for yachts at sea.

Providing complete protection against mini and micro drone threats, this high-tech system offers superior drone detection, tracking and neutralization performance for yacht security.

It can detect drones from a range of 1.5 to 3 km in diameter and can scan a wide area. And can neutralize identified drones.

Begüm Yachting, which has introduced this system to increase security at sea and offer its customers a peaceful sea experience, not only increases the security of yachts, but also protects the privacy of private life at sea.

With this system, which reshapes the understanding of security in the maritime sector and reassures yacht owners, crew and guests against drone threats they may encounter, Begüm Yachting takes the luxury experience at sea one step further, offering its customers not only comfort but also advanced security measures.